The endowment fund was established on 18 October 2000 on the impetus of PhDr. Viktor Kalabis and Prof. Zuzana Růžičková.

The Viktor Kalabis and Zuzana Růžičková Endowment Fund endeavours to care for and support to the broadest extent the public awareness, study, publicity, and performance of the compositions of Viktor Kalabis and of all manner of recordings of the artistic expression of Zuzana Růžičková in the context of Czech music, both during their lifetime and especially in subsequent years, and to reverently commemorate their artistic and personal legacy – using all available means according to the financial possibilities of the fund. If the endowment fund inherits its founders’ copyright and intellectual property rights, its mission will also be to administer these rights and to use them for the purpose for which it was established. In recent years, the endowment fund has awarded special prizes to talented young musicians. You can find the list of the prizes and the laureates here.

In years 2018 and 2019, the endowment fund initiated the unveiling of memorial plaques to Zuzana Růžičková on the building of the Museum of Jindřichův Hradec and on the Pilsen Conservatoire. In June 2020 a memorial plaque to Mr and Mrs Kalabis was installed on the facade of the house in Slezská Street in Prague-Vinohrady where the couple lived and worked from 1953. The plaques were designed by Václav Fiala, a sculptor known also for the tombstone of the pianist Rudolf Firkušný and his wife Tatiana in Brno, the Tilted Obelisk commemorating ten American soldiers killed in Dubeč near Nepomuk, or the Chapel for Sydney, for which he received the Sydney Sculpture Prize in 2005.

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The endowment fund provides grants in accordance with its mission. Financial and material support is mainly directed towards the implementation of specific intentions of an artistic, scientific, journalistic, publishing, promotional, or organisational nature, and also for one-off rewards and awards, travel fees – with the aim of improving an individual’s expertise or qualification, to present creative output, or for research purposes – as well as contributions to events and activities organised by music institutions and societies, scholarships, contributions to operating costs, social benefits, and special awards for life-long achievements or extraordinary accomplishments, notable birthdays and other anniversaries and occasions.

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Board of Directors

Aleš Březina, Ph.D.

Petr Louženský, Ph.D.
Mgr. Eva Velická, Ph.D.
PhDr. Ludvík Kašpárek
Mgr. Bohuslav Pavlas
MgA. Ondřej Lébr

Mgr. Kateřina Nová


Viktor Kalabis and Zuzana Růžičková Endowment Fund
Tel: +420 732 680 638
Bořanovická 1779/14, Prague – Kobylisy, 182 00
IČO: 26205971

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